25 november 2015
MAYKOR participates in discussion on the efficiency of print services
Mikhail Engelgardt, Vice President of Business Development in the industrial sector at MAYKOR, spoke about the company’s experience in the area of print management for corporate customers at the Russian Information Services Summit. The event was held in Moscow on November 24, 2015, where the participants discussed the service approach to solving urgent problems of enterprises during the crisis.

The participants discussed the confidence level between consumers and suppliers of print services, ways to minimize the risks of outsourcing, and presented successful cases of print services on the Russian market. Mikhail Engelgardt noted that MPS is a great way to help customers save money and it allows for the transition to an “opex” budget. Efficiency is extremely high for long-term outsourcing contracts for 3-5 years. A service approach to printing makes it possible to optimize the infrastructure, provide corporate control, and show the true value of the function since insourcing can even out the budget between various departments. The speaker stressed the importance of a sensible approach to a print services contract that minimizes risks and regulates the relationship between suppliers and customers.

Also, a plenary session and a number of panel discussions were devoted to strategic issues of development of the Russian and international outsourcing market, trends in the cloud market, the direction of software development, and advantages and disadvantages of the service approach during the crisis.
24 November 2015, Russian Information Services Summit
Participation in the discussion on the print service effectiveness
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