20 february 2016
MAYKOR Participates in the Outsourcing World Summit 2016
MAYKOR, a nationwide provider of IT and business process outsourcing services, took part in the 19th Outsourcing World Summit of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The event took place on February 15–17, 2016 in Lake Buena Vista (Florida, USA).

As a co-chairman of the Russian branch of IAOP, MAYKOR traditionally represents the Russian outsourcing industry at the Outsourcing World Summit, presenting the most in-demand services on the market, advances and innovations in customer care, and trends and factors that determine the development of the outsourcing market in the country. At their summit exhibition booth, MAYKOR representatives introduced the attendees to the company’s line of services and explained the benefits of the outsourcing services in the context of implemented projects.

"Every year the Outsourcing World Summit is attended by over 800 delegates fr om around the world. Participation in this event is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the industry best practices, demonstrate our know-how, discuss customer needs with the professional community, and identify the ways toward further development," said Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR, about the results of the summit.
About the Outsourcing World Summit

The Outsourcing World Summit is IAOP global event wh ere representatives of companies that use outsourcing, outsourcing providers and consulting companies get together. Participants of the Summit share ideas, identify recent trends and opportunities for business development in this sector. In addition, the event is a genuine business opportunity for attendees, with million-dollar deals initiated and completed each year. The first Summit took place in 1998 and since then more than 20 events have been held over 4 continents. The Outsourcing World Summit is renowned for the quality of its speakers and other participants, and for the depth and breadth of its educational programs. The Summit traditionally attracts interest from business executives, state institutions and the academic community. Its program includes numerous specialist breakout sessions and workshops for service clients and providers.
15-17 February 2016, Outsourcing World Summit 2016
The outsourcing services benefits in the context of implemented projects
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