13 june 2013
MAYKOR presented Russian IT outsourcing at IAOP EuroWeek 2013
At the International Conference Russia in the 21st Century Global Economy: Development of the Service and Outsourcing Industry MAYKOR, a national-scale group of companies that provide services and outsourcing of IT and building utility systems, presented its innovative business model for rendering services to its clients.

The conference was held as part of the first European tour IAOP EuroWeek 2013 of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). More than 50 representatives of outsourcing firms and customers from various industries participated in the conference. Russian and foreign experts discussed global and Russian trends, development perspectives, economic and social significance of service and outsourcing sector development. The conference was organized by IAOP Russia Chapter and Association of Strategic Outsourcing (ASTRA). 

The MAYKOR group of companies, which is a co-chair of IAOP, was introduced by Vadim Stetsenko, Senior Vice-president. He spoke about the Russian IT outsourcing market and the MAYKOR innovative business model, which is unique due to its comprehensive services provided in the on-site manner across Russia and the scale of its own resources that ensure implementation of these services. "MAYKOR is the first and the only company that now, using its own resources, can carry out IT outsourcing and servicing projects of any complexity for geographically distributed companies of different industries. These projects are executed in the "one-stop-shop" and "all-inclusive" manner, serving entire establishments, such as stores, offices, bank branches, gas stations, telecommunication facilities, etc., located all over Russia. High level of services is ensured for IT equipment, building utility systems and industry-specific equipment. Servicing capacities and nationwide scale resources, as well as the broad range of services enable MAYKOR carry out integrated projects of any complexity in any point of the country", pointed out Vadim Stetsenko. 

The innovative business model helped MAYKOR quickly and successfully reach a leading position on the Russian IT outsourcing and service market. In the last year MAYKOR's revenues grew by more than 87% reaching in excess of 8 billion rubles. Today MAYKOR has the largest service network in Russia, which includes 83 branches and 400 service units and serves more than 1000 clients. Following its 2013 business development strategy MAYKOR joined the Russian Association of Strategic Outsourcing (ASTRA) and the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IOAP, USA), becoming a co-chair of IOAP Russia Chapter. This enables MAYKOR to learn best practices both in Russia and the global industry and share its experience with its western colleagues. 

In his presentation IT-outsourcing and Service in Russia: Time for Innovations the speaker stressed that the Russian IT outsourcing and service market is only in the beginning of its journey. While in the West outsourcing of business processes has been discussed more and more often, customers in Russia so far prefer the simplest services – equipment and infrastructure maintenance, which they believe is the safest area to outsource. "However, the Russian market today is a global leader in terms of the growth rate", said Vadim Stetsenko. "In the West the growth dynamics is negative while the Russian IT services market demonstrates sustainable growth (10-14%) even during the recession period; the IT outsourcing share in it grows as well. The technical maintenance market is growing even faster than the IT services market - more than 20% in 2012. This shows that Russia is a market of great opportunities for IT outsourcing and services". 

According to MAYKOR the interest to service and IT outsourcing in 2013 will increase and demand for comprehensive technical service in Russia will keep growing. This situation is due to strong competition on the industry markets and, as a result, the need to focus on primary business goals. Geographically distributed companies of different industries will seek to transfer most non-core activities, including technical issues, to outsourcing companies that can provide professional service of high quality.


Strategic Outsourcing Association (ASTRA) is a professional alliance of the Russian outsourcing market players, official Russian partner of the major International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The primary objective of ASTRA's activities is to shape industrial standards for outsourcing and facilitate development of civilized and transparent outsourcing market in Russia and CIS states. ASTRA's partners are major and well-known companies that successfully operate in the outsourcing area: Jet Infosystems, KROK, SBSystem, IBS DataFort, ICL-KPO (Fujitsu GDC), in4media/Forrester, Optima Services, BDO Outsourcing Division, UCMS Group, TeamForce, CTI, MAYKOR. ASTRA association helps companies using outsourcing as a business tool for improvement of their efficiency and OPEX reduction.

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