22 may 2015
MAYKOR presents outsourcing and IT solutions for the defense industry at the "Information Technology for the Defense Industry Service" conference
Representatives of MAYKOR are presenting reports on the prospects of IT outsourcing and capabilities of the "VerEx" modular platform for defense enterprises at the 4th annual "Information Technology for the Defense Industry Service" conference.

The conference organized by Connect publishing house with the support of the collegiate body of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Tatarstan Government and Rostec State Corporation will be held in Kazan from May 26 to 29, 2015. It will bring together more than a thousand representatives of the IT industry and IT managers of the defense industry. MAYKOR is an official partner of the event this year.

Pavel Rastopshin, Senior Vice-President of MAYKOR of Enterprise Sales, will present the key aspects and practices in the area of IT infrastructure for a variety of industrial organizations in the "ICT Infrastructure for Defense Enterprises" section. The focus of this presentation is on outsourcing services aimed at improving the efficiency of business processes, reducing costs, improving staff performance, etc.

Maria Venediktova, Program Director of MAYKOR-GMCS, will present the capabilities of "VerEx" modular platform (a suit of company solutions) to effectively support processes for sophisticated products and equipment aftersales service (PASS) in the "Enterprise Management System for Defense Enterprises" section. The presentation analyzes strategies for automating PASS with regard to policies of import substitution and the real needs of defense industry enterprises, as well as company solutions in the sphere of maintenance and repair services of military, weapon, and special equipment, including aviation technology.

The conference program includes a plenary session and 12 themed sections. Among the main topics under discussion will be issues related to import substitution in the IT industry and mechanisms to attract investments into software development at the request of defense industry, as well as the introduction of progressive methods and enterprise management systems, digital production, information security, IT standardization, etc.
26-29 May 2015, IT in the Service of the Defense Industry conference
Outsourcing and IT solutions for the defense industry
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