16 may 2017
MAYKOR shares experience in implementing CSR principles with Higher School of Economics students
<b>Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at MAYKOR, held another interactive webinar on corporate social responsibility for the Higher School of Economics. On May 13, as part of the "Internal Marketing and Communications" program, students listened to Irina's lecture on the implementation of CSR principles in the company using a real project as an example. Irina is a permanent speaker for this HSE educational program and regularly shares her knowledge on sustainable business development with participants of the course. </b>
Webinar participants learned about the fundamental standards in the area of social responsibility and using the example of MAYKOR's experience were familiarized with the options for practical application of key aspects of ISO 26000 management in business. Irina also spoke in detail about MAYKOR's current social and charitable initiatives, the role of the corporate digest in shaping the company's internal values, and also provided examples of projects in the field of development and training of staff.
Special attention at the lecture was paid to the principles of sound business practice and instruments to increase the transparency of the organization's activities. In connection with this, Irina presented students with a social report - MAYKOR's primary document for non-financial reporting, which the company issues annually.
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