7 november 2016
MAYKOR Takes Part in IAOP European Summit
The event is intended for senior and middle managers as well as those specializing in HR, IT, finance, procurement, production, logistics, services, and related business functions. The EOS16 summit is dedicated to the search for new business models and efficient technology for outsourcing. The program of the three-day conference features several general meetings and training sections, which involve international business leaders such as Accenture, BMW, HCL, IBM, Lexmark, and others.

"Despite the popular opinion that western practices are generally difficult to apply in the Russian environment, it is essential for IT outsourcing professionals to study approaches to social responsibility as well as international outsourcing strategies and trends. Being focused on business innovation as well as the development of our staff's potential, we see this as an excellent opportunity to share applicable CSR practices and our view of industry trends with renowned market players from Europe and across the globe. In addition, the current situation suggests that our participation in this event is important in terms of our country's reputation in the global professional market," says Irina Semenova.
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