10 july 2017
MAYKOR takes part in National Corporate Volunteer Council meeting
MAYKOR attended the meeting of the National Corporate Volunteer Council on July 7.

The participants discussed the Council's mid-year performance, enacted a development roadmap and reviewed reports on the Council's completed projects.

The preparations for the Russian Pro Bono Summit were given special priority. This international conference will be held in Moscow in late September. The main conference objectives are to consider various models of professional and corporate volunteering, evaluate their efficacy, and create a long-term agenda for professional and general volunteering development in Russia.

Council members discussed the World Festival of Youth and Students (Sochi, October 14-22), which involves several thousand volunteers from around the country.

Support for volunteering initiatives among employees is one of MAYKOR's corporate culture priorities. That is why we pay special attention to corporate volunteering development in the company. Today MAYKOR has two ongoing volunteer programs: Good Future and Work for Work. We also hold national and regional-level campaigns on an regular basis.
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