21 march 2016
MAYKOR Talks to Students About Aspects of Outsourcing at Breakpoint
MAYKOR experts took part in Breakpoint National Russian Forum for students and graduates of technical fields. The event was held on March 17-19 in Moscow and was attended by about one thousand students from all over Russia.

During the session "Design Laboratory", MAYKOR held the master class "Pitfalls of IT outsourcing: how to manage work with hundreds of customer contracts." Experts identified the special aspects of service request management in Russia, which difficulties are raised from these specifics on the functioning of an automated service management system, and proposed that students generate ideas together on how to improve the system.

"MAYKOR has about 1,200 clients. Each of them has their service level requirements recorded in an SLA. Service facilities are spread across different time zones at different distances from the service centers, clients' offices have different work schedules. Incident resolution time may depend on a business's system criticality, user status, and distance to a service facility. And this is not a complete list of parameters that need to be taken into account in request processing, some resolutions are carried out manually," says Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR. "As part of the master class, young people looked at this problem in a new way. Some of their thoughts on improvements may well be put into practice in the future."
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