18 october 2013
MAYKOR to take part in the forum "Self-service banking, retail and Cash Turnover 2013"
MAYKOR will take part in the 5th international forum titled "Self-Service Banking, Retail And Cash Turnover 2013" organized by Plus Journal. This event will be held in Moscow on October 21-22.

As part of the forum, MAYKOR will exhibit its banking sector services, which include the full range of work for assembling, configuring and ensuring seamless operation of banking equipment and facility systems, as well as services for comprehensively automating and equipping financial and credit organizations for turn-key operation. 

Over 1 thousand delegates from countries near and far are expected to attend the forum. The key topics of the forum include: 

- the condition of the market and major trends in future development of self-service banking; 

- the innovative future of cash turnover; 

- an automated banking mini-office: format of new possibilities; 

- terminals and self-service banking devices; 

- optimization of branch activities. Electronic tellers, etc.
21 October 2013, International PLUS-Forum
5th International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2013
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