1 november 2017
MAYKOR vice president speaks about application of CSR principles in business to Higher School of Economics students
Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at MAYKOR, continued the series of webinars on corporate social responsibility for students of the Higher School of Economics's "Internal Marketing and Communications" program. On October 28, she delivered the latest lecture on "Implementation of CSR Principles in a Company. A Case Study".

Using the example of specific cases from MAYKOR's practice, the vice president of marketing and corporate communications spoke about the implementation of projects on staff training and development of a corporate values system, as well as the introduction of tools to improve the level of customer service quality and business transparency. In addition, students learned about MAYKOR's current social and charitable programs, such as "The Engineering Profession" and "Good Future with MAYKOR", which are an integral part of the company's sustainable development strategy.

Webinar attendees were also familiarized with the experience of practical application of key aspects of ISO 26000 management in business and with organizations' main forms of non-financial reporting.
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