31 march 2016
MAYKOR VP speaks about impact of CSR on HR brand during Higher School of Economics course
Irina Semenova, Vice President of Marketing at MAYKOR, held a webinar on the impact of corporate social responsibility on an HR brand and employee loyalty for students of the "Internal Marketing and Communications" course at the Higher School of Economics. The event took place on March 26.

Webinar attendees learned about MAYKOR's experience in increasing employee and job candidate loyalty to their employer/recruiter. In particular, Semenova spoke about MAYKOR's current social programs, employee-oriented corporate digest, development of corporate values within the company, and the ways in which employees themselves could promote their company as an employer and a business partner.

"In view of the nature of our business, staff are MAYKOR's main asset and the core of its corporate social responsibility strategy. Most of our social programs are aimed at developing the professional and social growth of our staff as well as creating favorable conditions for work and life. A loyal employee promotes an HR brand and a company brand in general and conveys positive feedback about the company elsewhere. That is why our CSR policy is linked, among other things, to the marketing strategy," said Irina Semenova.
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