14 february 2014
MAYKOR will participate in Outsourcing World Summit in Orlando, USA
MAYKOR's delegation will take part in the Outsourcing World Summit, an annual event conducted by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The Summit will take place on February 17-19 in Orlando, USA.

At the Summit MAYKOR will present outsourcing in Russia (ITP and BPO), including recent trends and innovations the company has been developing in the Russian market. At the MAYKOR booth the guests of the summit will be able to learn about opportunities for obtaining high quality outsourcing services all over Russia. Today MAYKOR is the top player on the ITO/BPO market in Russia thanks to its unique service network that consists of 83 branches and more than 400 service units, extremely broad range of services and innovative job performance automation system.

In the framework of he summit more then 50 conferences will take place, including presentations by top expert from the most influential companies that operate on the global outsourcing market, as well as interactive splinter sessions dedicated to the most important, acute and pressing issues in the industry development. More than 800 delegates from all over the world are expected to come to the summit, including top executives, key managers and leading experts from different areas of business: HR, finance, procurement, legal services, management , IT, administration , manufacturing, logistics, service, etc. Traditionally, the summit is of large interest for entrepreneurs who are planning to open start-ups, for investors, analysts and people from academic circles, consultants and corporate advisors, government officials and outsourcing professionals.

At the summit IAOP Russia Chapter, where MAYKOR is a co-chair, will hold its regular meeting. The framework of the meeting includes a discussion of most pressing issues of outsourcing development in Russia, as well as opportunities for conducting the Russian phase of IAOP Euroweek in 2014.

About the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) is a leading international organization that sets standards and supports the development of outsourcing. The association unites more than 120,000 members and many offices around the world and helps companies improve the quality of outsourcing services, increase profitability of their businesses and expand opportunities for using outsourcing in business. For detail please visit www.IAOP.org.

About the Outsourcing World Summit

The Outsourcing World Summit is IAOP global event where representatives of companies that use outsourcing, outsourcing providers and consulting companies get together. Participants of the Summit share ideas, identify recent trends and opportunities for business development in this sector. In addition, the event is a genuine business opportunity for attendees, with million-dollar deals initiated and completed each year. The first Summit took place in 1998 and since then more than 20 events have been held over 4 continents. The Outsourcing World Summit is renowned for the quality of its speakers and other participants, and for the depth and breadth of its educational programs. The Summit traditionally attracts interest from business executives, state institutions and the academic community. Its program includes numerous specialist breakout sessions and workshops for service clients and providers.
17 February 2014, The Outsourcing World Summit
MAYKOR's delegation at the global outsourcing event
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