1 july 2008
On July 1, for the first time a joint online press-conference was held by SUEK, SAP, GMCS and MOLGA
On July 1, 2008 a joint online press-conference was held by SUEK, SAP, GMCS and MOLGA related to the first results of the project for the implementation of a human capital management information system based on the SAP ERP HCM solution at enterprises of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK).

For the first time in Russia a media event was held in the unconventional format of an online broadcast, which was made possible thanks to the use of the leading WebEx technology. 

The innovative approach to holding a press-conference and the originality of the technology used caused additional interest among mass media, gathering around 20 journalists of leading Russian industry, regional and business press publications. 

During the press conference representatives of SUEK, SAP, as well as IT-consulting companies GMCS and MOLGA talked about how work on the project was conducted, what tasks were set forth, what is interesting about the developed and implemented solution, what it gives the company in terms of human resource management and what doors it opens for it. The report of each speaker was accompanied by a detailed and vivid presentation, broadcasted online.

The first to speak was Svetlana Lomonosova, Business Development, SAP CIS, who talked about the functional possibilities of the implemented SAP ERP HCM solution in detail. Andrei Voyna, head of the SAP ERP HCM project at SUEK, in his part of the presentation noted the unconventional approach, extensive experience and high expertise of the project team, which allowed to construct and launch a full-featured human capital management system at all 12 enterprises of the pilot implementation zone in just 6 months/ according to Boris Rapoport, Vice-president of CompuLink Group and curator of the project from the side of GMCS specialists developed a unique methodology, which was one of the key factors of the project’s success. Vladimir Bredov, Head of Consulting at MOLGA in turn added that he is proud that his company's basic solutions became the foundation for the management system that is being constructed at SUEK. 

Mass-media representatives could, in turn, ask the questions that they were interested and receive all necessary comments first-hand and interactively. The new format of holding the press conference ensured "live" and open dialogue between all participants. According to journalists, especially those of regional press, using interactive technologies opens up new possibilities, allowing participation in such events regardless of the location of the editors office.

This attempt at holding an online press conference using WebEx was the first for companies of the IT-industry. It is planned that GMCS and SAP shall organize such press-conferences in the future in order to increase information openness of the companies, reinforce the positive image and business reputation of the companies on the market.

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