24 november 2016
Outsourcing as a Way to Improve Performance of Infrastructure in small settlements
A cross-industrial outsourcing model may serve as a way to optimize the operation of IT, communications, and energy infrastructure in small settlements. This opinion was voiced at the 5th International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Development ENES 2016 during the panel discussion titled Development of Regional IT Infrastructure as a Key Factor in Improving the Energy-Efficiency and Quality of Life In Small Population Centers, which took place on November 23rd.

Representatives of governments of the Oryol Region and the Transbaikal Region, as well as representatives fr om RTComm.ru, Rostelecom, and MAYKOR took part in the discussion.

The delegates determined the key issues in the operation of socially significant infrastructure in small settlements. These issues are the geographic isolation of territories and considerable spending on the implementation and maintenance of full-fledged facility, IT, telecom, and transportation infrastructure.

Several ways to solve these problems were offered. In particular, the transition from centralized power supply to highly automated self-sustaining power generation, implementation of Ka-band ultra-wideband technology in settlements wh ere optical fiber lines are impossible or impractical to install, as well as joint operation of power, telecom, and IT infrastructure via outsourcing.

"Outsourcing may fuel the economy in small settlements," said Pavel Rastopshin, Executive Vice President for Sales and Business Operations at MAYKOR. "If we train communications specialists in rural areas to service IT and/or power infrastructure, this will raise their wages, and at the same time will improve the efficiency of companies that control this infrastructure. Thus, the impact will be both social and economic."
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