30 september 2008
Production under the wing of Infor: "Infor ERP LN: implementation and support under the conditions of production growth" conference
The "Infor ERP LN: implementation and support under the conditions of production growth" conference took place on October 30, 2008 at Extropolis.

The conference was organized by GMCS and Infor. Heads of IT-Departments, specialists of production, logistics and financial subdivisions of mid-sized and large manufacturing enterprises of various production types, interested in the establishment, development and support of a unified information space based on Infor ERP LN took part in the event. In total over 70 representatives of manufacturing enterprises and partner consulting companies implementing the Infor system participated in the event.

The conference focused on issues of functional possibilities and technical support of Infor ERP LN. as part of the conference presentations were made by GMCS experts, representatives of Infor and client-company’s, who shared their hands-on experience in constructing a management information system for enterprises with discrete and line production types.

The opening address was made by GMCS vice-president Ekaterina Voropaeva.Lyudmila Sokolskaya, Head of the Infor Products Department at GMCS presented the results of over 10 years of GMCS experience in successful implementation and development of the Infor ERP system. Perspectives, strategies and plans for the development of Infor solutions in Russia and around the world were reported on by conference participants – Malcolm Porter, Alliance Director – EMEA, Infor, and Dmitry Martynov, Regional Channel Manager, Russia & CIS, Infor. During the conference presentations were also made by leading GMCS experts working with Infor products. 

A poll, conducted among participants of the event, demonstrated that conference materials provided the necessary picture both of the perspectives of implementing the Infor ERP LN in general and of the possibilities of technical support and development of already implemented systems. Special interest of conference participants was drawn by the reports of hands-on experience of implementing the Infor ERP LN system. For instance, the presentation of Vladimir Kapustin, Head of the Information System Implementation Department at OOO "GAZ Group Asset Management" concentrated on the project of constructing an information system for the management of the new Volga Siber manufacture, conducted in collaboration with GMCS. In turn Nikolay Volkov, Head of ITD at IRKUT Corporation reported on the IRKUT management model and its’ migration from the Baan IV version to Infor ERP LN (Baan 6.1), which was successfully completed in collaboration with GMCS.

"We conceived this conference as a meeting for the exchange in experience, knowledge and opinions between our current and potential clients, consultants and Infor representatives, who have equal interest towards successful creation, development and support of implemented solutions," comments Lyudmila Sokolskaya, Head of the Infor Products Department at GMCS, on the event. "We believe that the task, that was set for this conference has been fully accomplished and plan to make holding this type of events a tradition". 

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