23 october 2013
Retail Detail 2013 through the eyes of GMCS: the future of retail in innovations

In 23 and 24 October in Moscow was held Exposummit of the retail innovation and technology - Retail Detail of 2013. 

GMCS sponsored this colorful event, which was attended by over 300 representatives of retail chains in Russia and the CIS, as well as leading suppliers of equipment and software.

Retail Detail 2013 - a joint project of the Association of Retail Companies and BBCG, which is a specialized tradeshow and congress of technological innovations, expo vendors for non-commercial procurement networks. The mission of the summit: to offer a full range of possible solutions for modernization to key chains directors (managers of IT, logistics, development, marketing, non-commercial procurement and HR).

The guests were invited to the 25 thematic sessions with 50 globally recognized experts and senior managers of networks, as well as interactive showrooms of suppliers of equipment and technology for the retail sector.

In the showroom GMCS the summit guests could not only get acquainted with the solutions offered by the company for the retail sector, but also test them in action, and get advice from experts of GMCS. In particular, within the showroom was launched GMCS model of store cashier workplace in which each participant could work independently on the POS-terminal running Microsoft Dynamics for Retail: scan "purchase" and knock out a check to see the principle of working with discount cards, etc.

23 October 2013, Expo Summit Retail Detail
Showcase at the theater of innovation and technology for retail
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