17 november 2016
Retailers discussed a new IT menu

The first meeting of the Retail Discussion Club was hold on 16 November at Microsoft Technology Center. The event was organized by MAYKOR-GMCS. The discussion was attended by representatives of the fashion, jewelry and electronics retailers, as well as the beauty-industry.

Under the guidance of a moderator Denis Rudakov, CIO of Hoff, participants discussed such topics as the use of mobile POS and IoT in the retail sector, and the requirements of the Federal Law No 54 of the fiscal data transmission. They also talked about the technologies and solutions used to interact with customers and support omnichannel sales. The Federal Law No 54 and new rules for cash register application was hotly debated and became the subject of much controversy. The retailers' questions were answered by experts from the "Perviy OFD". Specialists of SOFTPOINT presented a Russian video-analytics solution, which allows retail companies to control the availability of goods on the store.

"This event became for us a kind of experiment. We plan to hold events for retail based on experience exchange and networking on a regular basis," said Sergey Osipov, Vice President of MAYKOR-GMCS.

16 November 2016, Retail Discussion club
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