25 may 2015
The Evolution of HR Management: From Insourcing to Outsourcing

The discussion "CIO in the Management Team" opened the third day of the Upper Courses for IT Directors training, which is traditionally devoted to discussion of IT directors’ role in corporate governance. This discussion was led by Irina Grigoryan, HR director of MAYKOR, the largest provider of IT and business processing outsourcing services in Russia.

Today, IT tools determine the success of human resources management as a whole, the efficiency of communication between employees, and the measurability of service quality. On the other hand, the world is moving to ensure that every day more and more companies use outsourcing for their business processes, keeping only the core competencies within the companies.

The IT directors, with great interest, discussed the relationship within top management in the evolution from insourcing to outsourcing using examples from MAYKOR practices and audience experience. Some aspects were unanimously agreed by the IT directors, and some opinions were divided on other issues.

Irina Grigoryan summarized the discussion with the following statement: "There is no universal recipe for each top manager to build effective relationships in the team and build their own image in the company, regardless of their functions. However, we were able to create some basic rules for effective communication using the individual experience of our colleagues."

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