27 march 2017
The project of MAYKOR-GMCS was presented at the conference "IT in Industry"

Unipro shared the experience of using BI system, implemented jointly with MAYKOR-GMCS, at the conference "IT in Industry". The event was held on March 22-23 in Moscow.

Tatyana Pobedinskaya, Head of IT department at Unipro, one of the Russian leading energy companies, spoke about the BI system based on QlikView. The project had been implemented jointly with MAYKOR-GMCS and became one of the largest implementations of Qlik solutions in the Russian power industry. More than 18 analytical panels allow the energy company to monitor key financial and technological performance indicators online. To increase the motivation of employees to perform business tasks, the company made original decision placing screens with dashboards next to workplaces.

The conference was devoted to the development of current IT trends in the industry and the effectiveness improvement of IT departments of industrial enterprises.

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