17 november 2009
Valio, GMCS and Microsoft announce the results of implementing a management information system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX
The "dairy" press tour "Taste of ERP technologies: GMCS automated Valio business in Russia" took place on November 17, 2009.

Valio, GMCS and Microsoft invited journalists to the Valio factory and distribution centre in Ershovo (Moscow Region) to tell them about the results of the large-scale project of creating an automated enterprise management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX at Valio, a company which is the sole importer of produce fr om the Finnish dairy enterprise Valio to Russia.

The press tour started with a fascinating tour of the Valio production line and logistics terminal. During the tour members of the press were able to find out how the legendary cheeses under the Viola brand are produced, as well as to appreciate the modern technical equipment at the factory. Having seen production, participants moved onto the logistics terminal, wh ere Valio produce is delivered, stored and then shipped to clients. The tour was conducted by the Head of Production and the Head of Logistics at Valio, thus ensuring that journalists got first-hand information on the particularities of operation, as well as on the efficiency of implementing an automated management system at the Valio warehouse and production line.

During the press-conference that followed the tour, Valio, GMCS and Microsoft representatives shared their experience in implementing the enterprise management system and the first results of the project. Valio Director General Mika Koskinen who opened the press-conference, reported on the importance of the implemented project for Valio business.  He noted that thanks to a single information system, Valio top-managers are able to receive accurate data on the company’s state for all main business processes: production, logistics and finance. Anna Vilo, Project Head at Valio, talked about the course of project implementation and results that were obtained, she also gave full marks to the work done by GMCS and input made to the project by Microsoft. Press tour participants were able to find out more about the particularities of the project and the implemented IT solution, which fully complies with Valio corporate standards, from the presentation made by Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS. The press conference ended with a report by Vladimir Vodyanov, Head of Microsoft Business Solutions in Russia, who talked about Microsoft market positions and what is being done by the corporation to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics solutions help Russian companies manage business more efficiently. 

During the press-tour representatives of the media had the possibility to find out many interesting things not only about the implemented automated management system, but also about Valio itself, as well as try delicious and wholesome foods produced under the Valio brand. Leading IT and logistics publications took part in the event: Intelligent Enterprise, Chief Information Officer, Logistics and Management, Modern Automation Technologies. 

17 October 2009, Valio press tour “Taste of ERP technologies”
The results of implementing an automated enterprise management system
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