13 june 2013
MAYKOR Ranked Among the Top Russian IT According to RIA Rating
Digit.ru and RIA Rating experts published a ranking of the top IT companies in Russia by 2012 revenues. The ranking is compiled of companies whose core activities include services covering information systems development, system integration, IT consulting, software development and infrastructure solutions. The MAYKOR Group made this list for the first time.

In the analytical report supplied with the ranking, the expert noted MAYKOR's rapid growth that reached 88% in 2012, as well as its ambitious M&A policy implemented during the year. Discussing the overall dynamics of the IT market in Russia RIA Rating pointed out its sustainable growth. IT market development prospectives also were estimated positively, even though, according to the experts, "in 2013 – 2014 the growth rate shall be expected to slow down to some degree due to warning signs observed in the economy." 

Nonetheless, the IT outsourcing and service market, where MAYKOR holds the leading position, keeps growing beyond expectations. Speaking of the causes of its fast growth, Irina Semenova, MAYKOR's VP on marketing, pointed out the following: "In 2012 IT services market in general and IT outsourcing in particular demonstrated significant growth of 15-20% in average as compared to the previous year. One of the reasons for this development is the change of the clients' needs: the phase of fast increase of IT capacity is over and the client's interests have shifted to the improvement of efficiency and reliability of available IT resources. More companies, in particular - those from telecommunications, retail, financing, professional services and the public sector, outsource their IT infrastructure support.
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