27 may 2010
3G Style CRM: Skylink implements customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Skylink, a Russian mobile operator, and GMCS announce the launch of the project on the deployment of the automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Within the framework of the project, the GMCS specialists will automate the CRM-system processes of sales of services and equipment, and the provision of services to the subscribers in the Unified Call Center (UCC) and sales offices in the regions of presence of Skylink.

Skylink is a Russian 3G market leader that has been building their activities using advanced technologies, innovative solutions and developing high quality standards in the sector of the mobile communications. The company increases their subscriber base operating in 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In connection with the unification of the regional companies in one federal operator, Skylink implements the integration program aimed at the unification of the business processes. This requires that a flexible tool should be created for operational service and consolidation of information about subscribers in one database accessible in all the regions.

As a platform for the automation of business processes associated with the subscriber service, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution was selected that fully meets the operator’s requirements for flexible set up, running speed and reliability. GMCS became the project implementation partner that has successfully implemented their CRM project portfolio for communication operators.

The integration of all sales channels in the CRM-system is a distinctive feature of the project is. Within the framework of the project, they plan to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Skylink Unified Call Center, SMS-Center and the Billing System. Specifically, thanks to the integration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the SMS-Center, Skylink will be able to provide targeted information to subscribers about services and actions by segments that are created in the CRM-system. In addition, GMCS will automate the CRM-system processing of users’ calls and claims with an option of the automatic provision of information to subscriber via SMS-messages about elimination of problematic situations.

The implementation of analytical functions in the system is an important component of the project. The implemented CRM-solution will enable Skylink – using analytical tools – to qualitatively improve the efficiency of communications with the subscribers, specifically, to make analysis of the subscriber base by different parameters and utilize the received data when designing the tariff policy, planning and performing marketing actions and loyalty programs, as well as to forecast probable churn of subscribers and take preventive actions to retain them. In addition, thanks to the CRM-system, Skylink can see the complete history of customers' calls through all the communication channels.

"The implementation of the CRM-system will enable our company to strengthen the competitive advantages, improve customer service quality and to more flexibly respond to the subscribers needs. It is also an important tool for the development of cross sales and additional sales of services," comments Elena Krasnikhina, Subscriber Services Director, Skylink.

"The main assets of mobile communications companies are their clients. We consider the implementation of the CRM-system as an investment in this asset," notes Albert Naimushin, Head of Working Group for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Implementation at Skylink.

The Skylink automated customer relationship management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

"We are happy to help Skylink bring the subscriber relationship management to a new level in compliance with high requirements of the contemporary market. In addition to the consolidated client base and integrated sales channel, Skylink will get convenient analytical tools enabling to improve the efficiency of business decision-making," notes Vyacheslav Blinkov, Head of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project Implementation at Skylink, GMCS.

About Skylink

Skylinkis the first mobile communications service provider of the third generation (3G) in Russia. In 1991, the company was the first operator in the Russian cellular communications market, in 2004 it was the first to introduce the new service – Mobile Internet Service – and 3G-modems. Today, the Skylink branded 3G services are provided in more than 6,000 populated localities in 36 constituent entities of the Russian Federation for more than 1.2 million subscribers. The licensed territory (CDMA+GSM) includes 78 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Services of mobile communications and high-speed Internet access are provided based on the 3G EV-DO technologies (CDMA2000 1X EV-DO). Based on the results of 2009, the Skylink network web traffic volume was over 2,500 terabyte exceeding the total 3G network traffic in the RF by 80%.
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