22 august 2002
4.28 out of 5 max
Metafrax, one of the leading chemical enterprises, announced on completion of the next stage of a Oracle E-Business Suite R11i software based integrated automated ERP management system. 

The project stage completion resulted in a full scale formal model on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite R11i software package. Work under the project exactly on schedule and according to budget. Metafrax evaluated the project progress with a score of 4.28 out 5 max. 

The project involves introduction of 23 Oracle E-Business Suite modules in Technical, Commercial and Financial Departments of Metafrax. The modules to be introduced will support business processes in main and auxiliary production, purchases, inventory records, sales, planning, financial accounting and bookkeeping. In total over 100 workstations will be automated. 

The main Metafrax automation objective is to create an enterprise management tool. The priority of the project in the main production field are to timely obtain information on actual and calculated product cost; in automation of auxiliary production – cost planning, accounting and monitoring, planning enterprise needs in commodities and materials, maintaining optimal stock-in-storage of commodities and materials for auxiliary production. In finances – operative cash flow accounting, monitoring and planning, introduction of budgetary control of purchases. In logistics – tracking and analysis of commodities and materials flow, introduction of a uniform corporate register of commodities and materials containing over 30,000 items, operative management of purchase and shipment processes. 

As of today, two project stages are completed, which main result was a full formal business model created on the basis of Oracle E-Business Suite R11i: Metafrax's specifications are approved for future business processes, and how these specifications will be implemented in a system to be introduced. The models created passed preliminary business operation tests. 

The solution offered will enable to withdraw from service up to 60% software programs available at the enterprise. It means that virtually all main tasks of Metafrax's activities will be solved with help of Oracle E-Business Suite R11i. What the project leaves out are mostly computer-aided process control systems at production shops, which will be partially integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite R11i software to be introduced. 

A team engaged in introduction of Oracle E-Business Suite R11i at Metafrax includes consultants from Oracle CIS and its partners: IT, Borlas, GMCS and TOPS BI, while project management is performed by Consulting Department of Oracle CIS. The project was launched in December 2001. Since August 2002 the project entered the stage of tuning and testing of a commercial system which completion is scheduled for October. Commercial operation of the system is scheduled for Quarter 1, 2003.

About Metafrax

Metafrax is one of the dynamically developed chemical companies in Russia, the largest producer of methanol and its derivatives.
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