24 may 2018
ABI PRODUCT implements unified management standards with the support of MAYKOR-GMCS

ABI PRODUCT, one of the largest meat processing companies in Russia, implement a large-scale automation project based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 within the framework of modernization of company management, improvement of customer service quality and product availability. MAYKOR-GMCS helped to complete the first project stage. As a result, business processes of the company's central office in Vladimir and the warehouse complex in the Yaroslavl region were automated on a new platform.

ABI PRODUCT unites 12 enterprises, has a well-developed distribution network and a powerful logistics service - products under company-owned brands are delivered to 72 regions of Russia, as well as to Abkhazia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus. Factories, supply and marketing departments have used historically an enterprise management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

"The transition from AX 3.0 to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 was due to the development of logistics network and the increase in the volume of shipment. This project is an important step in our company’s IT strategy development. And, in addition to the warehouse management system and transport logistics, this step includes ERP automation on the upd ated platform," said Alexander Balabanov, CIO of ABI PRODUCT.

The central office’ processes are automated in a unified system: financial control and management of accounts receivable, reference data, refunds, pricing, forwarding, inventory, consumables. Integration with external IT systems, including EDI and mobile sales system. Analytical reporting is collected on the base of a corporate relational databank developed by ABI PRODUCT experts.

The warehouse complex in the Yaroslavl region was chosen as a pilot site for the development and testing of a new unified warehouse management standard. The developed WMS solution takes into account typical industry needs: it has a web-interface for working with data collection terminals, minimizes weight errors, provides weight control at all stages of cargo handling, supports integration with sticking equipment. The system allows flexible configuration of the warehouse topology and the stock location parameters, taking into account the mixing of goods in storage space, the capacity of storage space and the criteria for turnover of goods.

A standard TMS module provides effective transport planning, including the selection of an optimal contractor for each transportation, as well as controls transportation costs with the possibility of subsequent plan-fact analysis. The system algorithm is se t up to select and distribute a limited product inventory between orders according to customer priorities and contractual conditions.

Now ABI PRODUCT is going to replicate the solution for the remaining separate subdivisions.

"The project was based on the principles of using the basic capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and the system development taking into account the specifics of the customer's business. During the project, we transferred the maximum competence in the system, its architecture and functionality to ABI PRODUCT’s specialists, so that the customer could develop the solution on his own. During the system replication, we will provide the customer with the necessary assistance and advice," said Boris Obletnikov, Division Manager, MAYKOR-GMCS.

"ABI PRODUCT strives to maintain its leading position in the market, which is impossible without investing in its own information space and modern technologies. The projects on automation of logistics, management accounting, production and planning are in our plans," added Denis Kislitsyn, Project Manager of ABI PRODUCT.


ABI PRODUCT is one of the leading Russian meat processing companies, with full production and distribution cycle.

Implementing marketing and production innovations Company produces high quality meat products for a wide range of consumers all over the country. ABI PRODUCT owns and operates 3 facilities located in Russia and produces sausage goods, frozen pre-made and ready meals for consumers with different taste preferences and income level.

The company’s distribution network currently covers 72 regions of Russia, as well as to Abkhazia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

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