14 december 2005
Amcor and GMCS has commercialized SSA ERP (Baan) System
GMCS has commercialized SSA ERP (Baan) system at Amcor Flexibles (Amcor Group), one of the top three global tare and packaging manufacturers. 

Amcor Flexibles is engaged in production of rigiflex packaging. Amcor Flexibles is the second enterprise of Amcor Group in Russia. The first Russian enterprise of Amcor Group (Amcor Rentsch), engaged in manufacture of rigid packaging, is also managed by SSA ERP system. SSA ERP is a corporate standard for Amcor enterprises. A peculiar feature of the Russian project is the fact that the system was introduced at Amcor Flexibles works in parallel to the production start-up. 

The corporate enterprise management model was adapted and introduced under Baan system, including production, logistics and finances, at Amcor Flexibles by GMCS task force in five months. GMCS' specialists worked to implement this project in close cooperation with Amcor's Baan Competence Center. Problems solved by the implementation task force include both adjustment of a corporate solution and its adaptation according to Russian laws. 

Jarek Svitesky, Amcor's Project Manager, commented on the project completion as follows: "Introduction of SSA ERP system at Amcor Flexibles' works in Novgorod became one of the most economical and quickly implemented out of all IT project in Amcor Group. The project was completed within the tightest schedule: only five months passed between the project launch and first commercial transaction in the system. In spite of this, it is very important that in the project process we were able to escape trade-off approaches. As a consequence we managed to start commercial production of the financial module fully integrated with a logistics sequence – purchases, sales, production and warehouse services. 

SSA ERP system at Amcor Flexibles Europe is a corporate ERP system, thus making necessary operation of this system in many languages. In particular, in order to install Russian version, we had to adapt it to technological requirements which are common for the whole Group. Work was completed in the shortest time possible thanks GMCS, our partner, cooperation with which was a significant factor of our success. I highly appreciate commitment and high professional skills of GMCS' consultants which supported our project."

According to Anatoly Bobylev, Director of SSA Global Product Department of GMCS, "We have worked with Baan since 1997. Our specialists accumulated vast experience in introduction of this system, and possess deep knowledge of Russian accounting and planning methods. I would like to note that in the West Baan products are in active use of tare and packaging manufacturers. I am glad that this tendency can be seen in our country, too."

About Amcor

Amcor is on of the top three global packaging manufacturers what with high market capitalization, sales and income figures. Amcor's HQs are located in Melbourne, Australia. Amcor has manufacturing facilities in 39 countries, with about 80% of its income originating beyond Australia. Amcor's enterprises employ appr. 27,000 workers. The company is doing its packaging manufacturing business in five geographical areas - Australia, Northern America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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