30 january 2003
Baan ERP System was launched at a slate producing plant of Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), Estonia
In March 2002, in order to improve planning and management system of the slate production plant (VKG Grupp) GMCS' specialists launched a Baan ERP project.

The project has multiple objectives such as automation of cost accounting and cost calculation tasks, development of run-time systems and ready goods quality management systems, automation of warehousing and bookkeeping accounting, development of systems of supervisory accounts payable/receivable control, generation of unified corporate reports and statements. All tasks set were solved by GMCS' specialist in the shortest time possible the system went to commercial operation stage in January 2003. 

Presently VKG is one of the most innovative clients as to the extent of completeness of usage of subsystems "Baan – Process" and "Baan – Finance": data on consumption of raw materials and power, heat, etc. consumption by production units are checked and analyzed three times per month. Thanks to which VKG obtained a means of operative response to any changes in process conditions of equipment and related fluctuations of norms. 

However, VKG is not going to rest on laurels. "We are looking forward to further cooperation", says Mrs. Ludmila Palladiy, Financial Director of Viru Olitoostus AS. "In future we would like to expand application of Baan ERP by integrating it with equipment process variable control system and introduction of an integrated planning system." 

About Viru Keemia Grupp 

Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG) is one the largest industrial associations in Estonia. The main activity of VKG is slate production and processing; annual works processing volume is 1.3 mln. mt of slate ore. Main VKG's products are various grades of fuel oils, oily coke and raisin, total shale phenols, antiseptic wooden penetrating oils and bitumen. Fuel oils and coke go mostly for export, while bitumen is sold in the local market.
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