29 november 2005
Belaya Dacha Market and GMCS completed warehouse automation using Microsoft Axapta
Belaya Dacha Market have completed warehouse automation using an industry-specific GMCS Cargo Terminal solution on the basis of Microsoft Axapta platform. 

The project became a first step within migration of Belaya Dacha group to a Microsoft Axapta based unified holding management system. A key objective became to set a uniform approach to servicing of the company's clients according to world standards of logistics process organization. 

Such approach required both to unify and automate (as much as possible) warehouse procedures. As a basis GMCS Cargo Terminal industry-specific solution with functionality considerably renewed and expanded in the project progress. 

The new warehouse terminal management system helped Belaya Dacha Market to obtain a whole range of competitive advantages:

  • To automate, as much as possible cargo traffic service procedure;
  • To improve goods storage and shipment with Customize feature;
  • To arrange cargo traffic according to cargo service and shelf life record;
  • To ensure operative shipment management and supply all necessary commodity flow statements and reports;
  • To customize warehouse management system quickly and easy according to client-specific requirements.

Soon the company Belaya Dacha Market will complete implementation of a financial loop, thus creating a unified logistics enterprise resource management system which in future will be integrated into a company group management system.

According to Ivan Yevtyukhin, Project Manager of Belaya Dacha Group, "The fist project stage, which involves automation of a warehouse complex, has been completed. Owing to well-coordinated work of our project groups and high professional skills of GMCS' specialists, we have been able to create, within a tight schedule, a modern warehouse management system on the basis of Cargo Terminal solution. We are happy to see such a successful start of the cooperation with GMCS and we are confident that this cooperation will continue along completion of the following stages of Microsoft Axapta's introduction project in Belaya Dacha Group."

About Belaya Dacha Market

Belaya Dacha Market, a company of a Belaya Dacha Group, is a dynamically developing business which provides world-level services in the field of safe custody of commodities, an owner of a Class A warehouse terminal complex in Luberetsky District, Moscow Oblast. 

The company has active warehouse terminals with total storage area of 50,000 m2 and storage volume about 80,000 pallets. Belaya Dacha Market plans to increase warehouse terminal area up to 110,000 m2 in 2006.

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