29 march 2017
B&N Bank entrusts MAYKOR-BTE with servicing its POS terminals in 20 Russian regions
MAYKOR-BTE (a subsidiary of MAYKOR), which specializes in servicing banking equipment, has reported an expansion of cooperation with B&N Bank . In addition to ATM servicing and cassette repair, the outsourcer will take over technical support of more than 6,000 POS terminals of the bank, located in more than 20 regions of Russia.

According to the terms of the contract, MAYKOR-BTE will provide a full range of support services for the POS terminals network, including terminal installation and dismantling, fault diagnostics and repair, software reinstallation, POS inspection and readiness assessment, technical support hotline and preventative maintenance services. The company's engineers also provide training to POS cashiers and employees.

"Support of the POS terminal chain is a new area of cooperation between MAYKOR-BTE and B&N Bank. Within this contract we are going to use state-of-the-art tools for servicing bank equipment. We believe that our professional experience and the vast network of qualified employees in all regions nationwide ensure that we can meet the customer's requirements for high-quality service," said Maxim Nikitin, Managing Partner of MAYKOR-BTE.
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