1 february 2006
BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system by GMCS for a top gypsum manufacturer
GMCS started a project for introduction of BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system in KNAUF-Gips — one of the top Russian manufacturer of gypsum-based building materials and a part of the KNAUF International Group.

KNAUF preferred BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system owing to the fact that the company recently started to implement a project on development of its corporate policy inthe field of personnel management, while the company's personnel is distributed between manufacturing sites throughout the territory of our country. In this connection the company needed an advanced functionality and scalable tool which would enable it to abandon the socalled «patch automation» and create a uniform information environment and corporate data storage. Besides, the main objectives of KNAUF is to unify all business processes connected to the company group personnel management.

Thanks to introduction of BOSS-Kadrovik personnel management system KNAUF-Gips will obtain a tool enabling to make operative and high quality personnel management decisions, including: conduct uniform centralized HR policy within a company group; uniform financial policy and personnel cost accounting; personnel motivation and training policy, and personnel recruitment and skill assessment program.

Commissioning of a pilot project for commercial operation at KNAUF-Gips facility isscheduled for August 2006. The project involves all the company’s subdivisions engaged inpersonnel management process.

GMCS offers to the client a convenient scheme of BOSS-Kadrovik system introduction which includes supportive consulting, by-stage system commissioning, controlled progress of the introduction project, system’s technical support and management, training personnel in system operation.

About KNAUF Industrial Group

KNAUF Industrial Group is a family business with HQs located in Iphofen (Bavaria) and having 200 enterprises in 37 countries of the world. The company’s own manufacturing facilities are dispersed practically in all European countries; besides, the company’s plants are deployed in both Americas, China and other Asian states, and in Northern Africa. Overall turnover of the company is appr. 4 bln Euros. By 2006 9 plants and 9 marketing firms were added to the Russian group of KNAUF facilities. Counting from 1993, overall KNAUF’sinvestments into construction and modernization of its Russian enterprises nearly totaled 500Mln. Euros.
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