26 december 2012
Business analysis in one click: GMCS has partnered with QlikTech
GMCS, advanced consulting company in the IT sector, and QlikTech, a leader in platform Business Discovery, became partners.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement GMCS will promote product QlikView, which is used by more than 26 thousand companies worldwide.

QlikTech is one of the fastest growing IT companies in the world and one in the Business Discovery platform segment - business intelligence that is managed by users. QlikView uses in-memory technology, which does not require building OLAP cubes: data is immediately loaded into memory (directly from the source or from the created repository). The system is capable of processing data sets, consisting of billions of records and serves thousands of concurrent users. In this case, QlikView provides business-users the ability to analyze data in a flexible and visually understandable interfaces.

Practice solutions QlikView will be headed Tatyana Pobedinskaya, the director of Business Development at GMCS. "The average implementation time QlikView is only a few weeks – a serious advantage over the heavy decisions. System investment pays off quickly, and the customer starts to take advantage of the platform QlikView immediately: examine data, identify trends, allowing to find creative solutions to business problems. The system works the same way as human thinks, offering powerful features to identify unrelated data. In this case, QlikView supports both direct and indirect search, and provides answers to the speed with which a person can only ask questions. QlikView also works well on mobile devices that allows to always have the latest business intelligence data," says Tatiana Pobedinskaya.

GMCS conducted load testing that confirmed the quick work of QlikView solutions in analyzing large amounts of data, which is an added advantage for the enterprise market. With the total amount of data in the source of 17 GB (Microsoft Dynamics AX) the loading time of 27 information tables is 681 seconds. In particular, the number of 25 million records is average loading time is 489 seconds.

QlikView can be interesting to users of different systems – Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Infor and others. The flexibility of the product allows easy integration of QlikView in the information environment of the company and to obtain the necessary data.

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