21 june 2013
CNews Analytics named MAYKOR “An Outsourcing Giant” Based on 2012 Outcome
CNews, a leading Russian media covering IT issues, published its ranking of major IT companies in Russia and CNews Fast ranking that lists the fastest growing IT companies for the year of 2012.

CNews Analytics’ experts included MAYKOR in the list of top 10 IT companies that demonstrated the fastest growth rates, specifically pointing out its “ambitious policy for acquiring federal and regional service companies”. Highlighting the growing potential of the IT outsourcing market, the experts named MAYKOR“ an outsourcing giant” that plays a significant role in consolidation of the market. 

According to CNews Analytics, for MAYKOR entering the list of the top 25 major IT companies in Russia is an important factor in terms of recognition of the company’s significance and authority - and not only on the IT outsourcing and service market, where MAYKOR has secured a leading position, but for the overall Russian IT market as well.
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