7 march 2013
Congratulations to MAYKOR Group's female engineers for International Women's Day on March 8
More than 170 female engineers currently work at MAYKOR Group throughout Russia, performing servicing operations at the same high level as their male colleagues. Well aware of the social significance of job creation out in the regions, MAYKOR Group adheres to the principle of equal rights and opportunities for all engineers regardless of their gender.

To this day, the technical professions are still traditionally considered "manly" professions in contemporary Russia. Moreover, women frequently have a difficult time finding good jobs, especially out the regions where the number of employers is limited and economic conditions are difficult. With its team of 3,000 on-staff engineers, which is the largest engineering staff in Russia, MAYKOR Group dispels all stereotypes associated with engineering professions and actively recruits women with technical skills. 

"Today, women in our country frequently suffer from a lack of social protection. Many are either forced into economic dependence or must independently earn a living through heavy work, and all while raising children, caring for their parents and their entire family without any form of support from a man or the government. Russian women possess enormous potential and desire to work, the capacity to master new skills, and the responsibility and readiness to benefit those around them. At MAYKOR Group, we strive to create every opportunity to help women self-actualize and ensure stable, dignified working conditions. In all regions of Russia, at all 83 branches of MAYKOR Group, our doors are always open to job-seeking women with technical skills. Moreover, in the near future we plan on organizing professional training programs specifically for women, including their subsequent guaranteed job placement within our company," comments Irina Semenova, vice president of marketing at MAYKOR Group. 

MAYKOR actively promotes the renewal of technical education and prestige of the engineering professions in Russia. Human resource management within our company applies the best international HR practices adapted to Russian conditions as well as MAYKOR Group's own proprietary developments. MAYKOR Group's attitude toward its employees and applicants is built exclusively on an objective assessment of their professional qualities and achievements. Our company has succeeded in creating optimal conditions for the development of employees' professional potential at the highest level. MAYKOR Group also has its own Competency Center that conducts additional training and professional development for staff engineers.
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