18 july 2007
CRM system development: the new stage of cooperation between TNK-BP and GMCS
GMCS has started works related to CRM system development at TBinform, a TNK-BP subsidiary company specializing in servicing IT infrastructure of the enterprises belonging to this largest oil holding of Russia. 

The new project has become the continuation of long-term cooperation between TNK-BP and GMCS. GMCS specialists' main task is the development and installation of CRM system additional modifications at TBinform, what will allow to automate the process of contractual work with TNK-BP enterprises more comprehensively, and as a result to improve the quality and responsiveness of IT servicing of the holding’s subsidiary companies. Later GMCS will render services on tech support of the solution and will provide recommendations on minimization of failures during CRM operation and enhancing system performance.

The customer relationship management system used by TBinform is built on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0. It helps to automate receipt and processing of requests for rendering IT services, maintenance of contracts, including formation of specification of the services rendered, monitoring contract conclusion status, record-keeping of payments related to the contracts, and many others.

"We aim to improve permanently the standards of services rendered to our customers, using the best world-wide experience. Considering the branched network of TNK-BP structures and fast growth of the company’s business turnover, the prime objective, besides ensuring efficient operation of CRM system, is expanding its capabilities, which implies serious work on new functionality creation. Having at our disposal the qualified support of GMCS consultants, we may be confident that the system works reliably, and its features are used in optimal way," noted Dmitriy Pecherskiy, TBinform Chief Process Engineer. 

About TNK-BP

TNK-BP is a vertically integrated Russian oil company with a diversified upstream and downstream portfolio in Russia and Ukraine. It is Russia’s third-largest oil company and a top-ten private-sector oil producer globally. In 2006 the Company produced on average 1.9 million barrels of oil equivalent per day. TNK-BP operates five refineries in Russia and Ukraine, and retails through a network of 1,600 filling stations working under the BP and TNK brands. TNK-BP employs approximately 71,000 people.
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