24 april 2012
CRT Service acquiring regional service companies
CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company, has launched its 2012 expansion and development strategy. As part of the strategy, the company seeks to acquire leading local service companies from Russia's regions.  

Today CRT Service is the leader in the on-site technical services market, the only company in Russia capable of providing on-site service at any location in the country using its own service infrastructure. At present the company operates 82 branches and 387 service units, providing the regions with efficient and high-quality coverage. CRT Service employs over 2,000 service engineers. The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategy developed by the company seeks to intensify our service network development, and acquire new competencies and human resources, especially throughout the regions.

CRT Service will undertake several stages of M&A strategy implementation: the screening of potentially attractive regional service companies, an in-depth evaluation of their assets, including competencies, staff, experience and track record in the region, and the negotiation and deal closure processes. CRT Service lists the following regional service companies as potentially attractive candidates for acquisition: companies offering maintenance of engineering systems (security and fire, CCTV, air-conditioning, etc.) and a full range of office equipment, including telephony and IT infrastructure; engineering companies offering maintenance of backbone telecom networks, cell towers and related infrastructure; and maintenance companies specializing in cash register equipment, with at least 20% of local market share.

In Q1 2012 CRT Service became the universal successor to CJSC DV-STS, which controlled around 20% of the service market in the Khabarovsk region. DV-STS specialized in the maintenance of cash register and weighing equipment, antitheft systems and POS automation systems, including in the restaurant sector.

The deal brought CRT Service an additional office in the Khabarovsk region, new servicing and office facilities, and allowed it to expand its client portfolio. CRT Service completely preserved the former company's staff of service engineers and plans on increasing staff in the near future. All existing clients will continue to enjoy service of the same quality and price as before, although now provided by CRT Service.

"As of today, an M&A market has not taken shape in the service and engineering business sectors, it's only just starting out, and our company plans on becoming the flagship in this field. As part of our M&A strategy for 2012, we are ready to consider attractive options for the acquisition of leading players in local maintenance service markets throughout Russia. Any regional service company with solid positive experience in its region, the reputation among local customers of being a reliable partner, and valuable human and competence resources, that is willing to become part of Russia's largest high-tech service company, may approach us with such a proposal. We would be happy to offer future new members of the CRT Service team the best conditions for a merger. The newly-acquired service companies will be integrated into CRT Service’s network of branches. We are making considerable investments in the development of our service network, seeking to provide all-round support to our regional branches. We believe that once they are part of our company, local service players, and especially their teams of professionals, will get access to new, formerly unavailable, opportunities for development, as our regional branches," says Vadim Stetsenko, CRT Service’s President.
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