29 november 2011
CRT Service admitted to work at highly dangerous and technically advanced facilities

CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, has received a certificate of admission to works affecting safety of permanent facilities, as part of its membership in Self-Regulating Non-Profit Partnership "CentrStroyProject".

The certificate grants CRT Service admission to works performed at highly dangerous and technically advanced permanent facilities. In particular, CRT Service has been authorized to prepare reports on internal utility equipment, internal and external engineering facilities and prepare action item lists.

Additionally, the certificate enables CRT Service to prepare process solutions for residential, public and industrial buildings, transport, agricultural and petroleum facilities, hydraulic works; waste collection, processing, storage, recycling and utilization facilities; nuclear energy, industrial, military and treatment facilities. CRT Service is also authorized to design environmental and fire safety actions, conduct structural surveys of buildings and facilities.

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