18 july 2012
CRT Service and DAMASK deployed an electronic queuing system at a Multiuse Center in the Tula region
CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, together with DAMASK, the well-known manufacturer of hardware-independent electronic queuing systems, deployed an electronic queuing system at a Multiuse Center in the city of Novomoskovsk in Russia’s Tula region. 

The project required finding a solution for equal distribution of visitor flow (by time and operator) in case of queue crowding, as well as to improve personnel work conditions and control the quality of service and work efficiency of an entire department as a whole.

CRT Service delivered the equipment, which included touch-screen kiosks (service selection consoles), interface converters, and audio and video transmitters. Engineers from CRT Service assembled the electronic queuing system, and specialists from DAMASK installed the system and configured the software.

The installed system is equipped with a graphical editor, a report designer, and pre-recordings for visitors in queue.

"DAMASK develops and deploys electronic queuing systems for various organizations while placing emphasis on optimization and improving the work efficiency of its clients. We adhere to the highest standards of work quality and therefore choose only tried-and-true companies like CRT Service to become our partners. Thanks to our joint efforts, the electronic queuing system deployed in the Novomoskovsk Multiuse Center precisely fulfills the client's requirements and was configured in accordance with the client's specific requests. We believe that the joint projects of DAMASK and CRT Service will expand," noted Alexander Drugov, General Director of DAMASK.

"In joint projects, it’s important to maximize the efficiency of cooperation on both sides, to have a common understanding of the project’s goals and responsibilities, and to intelligently delegate authority and expertise. With DAMASK, we were able to find that optimal partner balance that enabled us to implement the project at the highest possible level of quality. The work carried out by CRT Service for this project enabled us to demonstrate the high qualifications of our experts, including our engineers who serviced the electronic queuing system. We highly value our cooperation with DAMASK and hope to expand that cooperation," explained Vladimir Volkov, CRT Service Vice President for Key Account Management.


DAMASK is the largest manufacturer of hardware-independent electronic queuing systems and occupies the leading position in that market. The company’s scope of activities includes the development and technical support of the DAMASK electronic queuing system and the promotion of that product through its regional partner chain. DAMASK boasts more than 1500 facilities with 12,000 workstations deployed in government agencies and commercial organizations throughout the entire territory of Russia, as well as in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Its partner network consists of more than 70 companies/system integrators, including some of the most well-known market players on the national level: SITRONICS, AQUARIUS, R-Style, Nienshants Group, Inforser Group, Intellectualnie Sistemi LLC, NAUMEN, HOLMROCK Computer Company, the GALEX R&D Center, SibitSystems Group, etc. DAMASK offers industry-specific customizations of its electronic queuing systems that take into account the specific business processes of companies operating within the major public servicing industries. 

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