1 march 2012
CRT Service announces a cooperation agreement with Interregional Trade Company

CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, has signed a Master Agreement for Cooperation with Cross-regional Trade Company LLC (MTK), created by 21 consumer associations and the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the RF with the purpose of partial aggregation of the volume of purchases, and creating a unified logistics and service system for all stores that are part of the consumer associations under MTK.

According to the Master Agreement, CRT Service will design and install data transfer networks (DTN), electrical and local area networks within a given region, supply computer and office equipment, perform start-up operations and provide follow-up support. The Master Agreement allows MTK to recommend CRT Service as contractor for the above operations to the consumer associations that are MTK members.

CRT Service will be able to provide service to consumer associations that are either current or pending MTK members, in Central, North-Western, Southern, North Caucasian and Privolzhsky federal districts. Qualified CRT Service engineers will ensure continuous operation of around 10,000 consumer cooperation outlets. 

"CRT Service's support capacities allow it to create an integrated outlet start-up and equipment servicing system. As of now, this is one of the top priorities for MTK, since successful integration of a unified merchandise control system, both within one region and cross-regional, allows developing new competitive advantages for consumer cooperation organizations. Once CRT Service unites them into a common system, the stores will get access to a centralized food and household merchandise procurement source, their operating activities and accounting routine will be simplified," says Aleksey Polyakov, MTK General Director.

"Cooperation with Cross-regional Trade Company is our new large project of cross-regional coverage. We are enthusiastic about being part of a project that brings together Russia's consumer cooperation stores and builds a unified logistics and maintenance system for a retail chain of such size," says Alexander Kotov, CRT Service Vice President for Key Account Management.

About Cross-regional Trade Company

Cross-regional Trade Company LLC (MTK) is an alliance formed by 21 consumer associations and the Central Union of Consumer Cooperatives of the Russian Federation. On behalf of its founders MTK executes direct contracts with manufacturers, mediates fair and competitive supply contracts for all members of the alliance. 

MTK objectives: 

1. Obtain unified competitive commercial terms from federal manufacturers and suppliers for all members of the alliance.
2. Optimize costs of logistics, organize federal supplies through a single warehouse provider.
3. Create a common promotion calendar, run joint promotion events.
4. Create a transparent “manufacturer – shop” merchandise distribution channel.
5. Conduct market studies in the regional markets.
6. Supervise observance of financial obligations before the suppliers.

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