29 march 2012
CRT Service announces Russia's largest high-tech service network
CRT Service (Centralized Regional Technical Service), part of the MAYKOR Group of companies, announces that it has created the largest high-tech maintenance service network in Russia. CRT Service performs the maintenance and servicing of cash register, bank and weighing equipment, IT infrastructure and office equipment, engineering systems and telecom infrastructure, and provides related services. The company delivers «turn-key» integrated service projects.  

The CRT Service operating format provides for maintenance at the equipment location (on-site service) anywhere in Russia. All maintenance is provided on a one-stop-shop (single entry point for all service-related issues) and 24/7 basis.

For the first time ever services of this level, scale and range are being provided by a single company in all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Today CRT Service has 82 branches certified as Service Centers (SCs) and employs over 2,000 certified engineers. Every branch operates its own equipment maintenance infrastructure, modern diagnostics equipment, buffer stock and motor transport, and is able to work at any location, including rural areas.

For effective coverage of Russia's territory CRT Service runs a unique ongoing project of building a network of service offices (SO). The total number of these (currently 387) will increase to over 450 in 2012. Service offices employ in-house engineers provided with all the equipment, transport, buffer stock, spare parts and accessories they need to serve a specific local territory. Service offices complement the system of branches, allowing more efficient coverage of large territories in Russia's regions. CRT Service invests a total of RUR 150 million a year on average into the development of its service network.

CRT Service attaches great importance to the quality of its services and therefore opts for the most advanced and efficient technologies, including customer service technologies (service desk, a three-level support system, quality control systems, etc.), competence-related technologies (federal competence center, multi-level engineer training system), etc. In aggregate, the capacities and resources accumulated by CRT Service as of now, plus its integrated service portfolio, allow us to acknowledge the arrival of the largest-scale maintenance service network in Russia.

Today CRT Service provides maintenance for over 750,000 units of equipment. Among CRT Service’s customers are over 350 geographically-distributed national and regional companies. In 2011 the company reported a sales volume of more than RUR 2.9 billion. In 2011 sales increased more than 44% over 2010.

"Building a nationwide service infrastructure and creating a network that is able on its own to provide efficient service at any location in Russia is a sophisticated task requiring considerable resources and competences. CRT Service has managed to build such an infrastructure in five years and today we are proud to have become the largest high-tech service company in our country. We offer our customers an optimized maintenance service portfolio, allowing us to implement integrated service projects of any complexity level to fit any industry, especially retail, banking, production, and so on. Our plans for 2012 provide for broader cooperation with both commercial and government customers, and further optimization of our service line towards the development of integrated "turn-key" solutions. In 2012 we plan to increase our sales by at least 50%," says Vadim Stetsenko, CRT Service’s President.
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