8 november 2011
CRT Service announces the extension of cooperation with Rigla pharmacy chain

CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, is expanding its contract for maintenance and technical support of the nationwide Rigla pharmacy chain.

As part of the cooperation development agreement, CRT Service opens a service program for cash register equipment operated by Rigla pharmacies in Krasnodar.

CRT Service thus will expand its geography of Rigla pharmacy chain service. Previously, the contract covered cash register equipment, computer and office equipment at Rigla facilities in Moscow and Moscow region. In Krasnodar CRT Service will perform servicing and upkeep of cash register equipment, and user advice on operation-related issues.

"We are glad that high opinion about our skillset and service level helped to expand our contract with Rigla pharmacy chain. We hope our cooperation will soon reach a new level, not just in terms of geographical expansion, but in terms of new service offers as well – expending to maintenance of POS-systems, PCs, office equipment, air conditioning and fire systems across the Russian Federation," says Vladimir Volkov, CRT Service Vice President for Key Account Management.

"In our view, working with a single service provider, such as CRT Service, is the most attractive model we can use to ensure operability of the inventory of equipment operated by Rigla pharmacy chain. This is of primary importance for us, as representatives of retail market, where every minute counts and no failures in the client service system can be tolerated," says Viktor Polyakov, Head of Rigla’s IT department..

About Rigla pharmacy chain

As of September 30, 2011, Rigla pharmacy chain operates 663 pharmacies in 26 regions of Russia. Founded in 2001. Represents the retail segment of Protek Group. Reports 2nd largest sales among pharmacy networks. Market share as of 1st half of 2011 — 2.48%*. The company develops two outlet formats: Rigla self-service drugstores and Bud Zdorov! discount pharmacies.

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