6 december 2011
CRT Service – authorized Inelt partner
CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, was awarded the status of an authorized partner of Inelt, Russian power supply protection equipment manufacturer.

As part of the cooperation agreement, CRT Service will perform servicing of and sell Inelt UPS units all across Russia. With special training and certification, service engineers of CRT Service branches are ready to provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance and servicing of the entire Inelt equipment product line.

About Inelt

Having started out as a multi-profile company focused on high-tech engineering solutions twenty years ago, over the past ten years Inelt has made a name in the Russian market as a manufacturer and supplier UPS systems under its own trademark. The corporate policy aimed at maximum satisfaction of the client's needs, a well-though-out development strategy and marketing approach to production, high level of service and well-tuned logistics have won Inelt one of the leading positions in the Russian UPS market. When creating their UPS units the company pays special attention to such features as reliability, price/quality ratio, versatility of UPS units and control software, ability to accept a broad input voltage range, high quality of the output voltage.
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