20 june 2012
CRT Service begins cooperation with Enter retail chain
CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, has begun cooperation with Enter – a national level store chain. As part of the agreement, CRT Service will maintain the cash register equipment installed in Enter outlets.

CRT Service duties will include maintenance, warranty and post-warranty service, equipment registration and de-registration with tax authorities, timely CJ replacement. The service package also covers user advice on operation-related issues. The cash register equipment service will cover 21 Enter stores in the Central federal district. CRT Service renders the service in the most solicited form – on-site, meaning that the equipment is serviced right where it is operated. In addition to that, CRT Service will provide cash register equipment maintenance services to all new Enter stores that open their doors at any location countrywide.  

"Our agreement with CRT Service will give us access to timely and qualified maintenance of our equipment in all Enter stores. For us CRT Service's key advantages are: one contract for all stores across different regions and one entry point for order execution tracking. Enter is a new experience for buyers. We want to keep our customers happy by providing high level of service. Flawless operation of our equipment helps us to maintain quality performance," says Anton Zaruev, IT Director at Enter.

"For CRT Service it is both important and interesting to work with Enter. We appreciate the trust placed in us by our client, a company with a new non-food store concept. The demand for high quality retail equipment maintenance services quickly grows, which is especially true for large geographically-distributed companies who need to maintain the same high level of customer service at any location on their corporate map. We hope our partnership with Enter will prove both productive and successful," says Vladimir Volkov, CRT Service Vice President for Key Account Management.

About Enter

Enter is a retail chain combining all non-food product lines of the Russian consumer market with an offering of 20,000 items: furniture, home appliances, electronics, children's goods, household, garden and renovation products, sports equipment, jewelry, watches – available from small convenient stores, online or via catalogues, mobile applications and social networks. The buyer may choose any convenient payment option. Enter is a new experience for buyers.

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