13 june 2012
CRT Service begins cooperation with ORC Kangaroo
CRT Service, the largest high-tech service company in Russia and part of MAYKOR group of companies, has signed an agreement with Kangaroo hardware store chain as a provider of maintenance services for cash register equipment. 

As part of the agreement, CRT Service will maintain no-downtime operation of cash register equipment at Kangaroo's 36 stores and two wholesale depots. The agreement will involve service engineers of four CRT Service branches in Central federal district.

CRT Service support teams ensure no-smooth operation of client’s equipment not only on weekdays, but weekends and holidays as well. Maintenance is performed on-site, which eliminates store and warehouse depot downtime.

"Our cooperation with CRT Service allows us to place a fair portion of our equipment inventory in the hands of a single service company. That means that we can easily forecast our future costs, enjoy cost transparency, expect fixed tariffs and greatly streamlined document flow,"says Yuri Suvorov, Head of Technical Support Department at ORC Kangaroo.

"For us collaboration with Kangaroo is an interesting new cross-regional project in the retail sector. CRT Service offers consistently high quality service in all regions where our customer operates. We hope to engage in long-term cooperation with Kangaroo and open new lines of service in the future," says Stanislav Brodyansky, CRT Service Vice-President for Business Development.
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