5 september 2012
CRT Service continues cooperation with Microgen
CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, extended its technical servicing contract with Microgen, the scientific-production company that provides medicinal immunobiological drugs. 

As part of its cooperation, CRT Service will service the client’s franking equipment in Tomsk. This technical servicing includes diagnostics and troubleshooting, adjustment and cleaning of equipment, as well as user consultation on equipment operation issues. Servicing operations are carried out on-site, directly at the location of the equipment.

The contract with CRT Service ensures the seamless operation of Microgen’s franking equipment. CRT Service is one of the few service companies that provide highly qualified servicing of specialized office equipment like franking machines, especially in the provinces.

"For this level of service cooperation, we strived to select a company that we can trust to service our most complex equipment. We chose CRT Service because it is currently the leading reliable supplier of these kinds of services," - emphasized Timofey Peshkov, the press secretary of NPO Microgen.

"CRT Service possesses the maximum resources and tools for servicing all kinds of equipment. We highly value the trust placed in us, and hope for continued long-term cooperation and development of our partnership," - noted Stanislav Brodyansky, CRT Service Vice President for Business Development.

About NPO Microgen

NPO Microgen (Microgen Scientific-Production Company for Medicinal Immunobiological Drugs), which is officially a federal unitary enterprise of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation (also abbreviated as FGUP NPO Microgen Minzdravsotsrazvitiya of Russia), is the largest company in the Russian medical industry and the leader in the development and production of medicinal immunobiological drugs as well as diagnostic substances and medicines. NPO Microgen actively collaborates with the leading Russian and international scientific research centers to create and manufacture unique developments in the fields of immunobiology and biotechnology. 
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