21 december 2011
CRT Service joined social initiative "Charity in Place of Souvenirs"
CRT Service has joined the Charity in Place of Souvenirs initiative, whose members redirect funds appropriated for complementary corporate gifts towards charity.

In 2011 CRT Service offered support to nonprofit organizations running programs for social adaptation of disabled children and youths: St. Petersburg Association of Societies of Parents of Disabled Children GAOORDI, Interregional Non-Governmental Charity Organization "Society of the Disabled with Hunter Syndrome, Other Forms of Mucopolysaccharidosis and Other Rare Genetic Diseases". As part of the company's social policy, CRT Service is going to continue its collaboration with charity organizations and its involvement with the Charity in Place of Souvenirs initiative.

"Our Russian society is certainly far from true well-being. We got used to rely on the state as the main provider of solutions to social problems, but we often do not realize that active involvement of businesses may help much more. Social responsibility of business has already turned into reality in the Western society, and our company seeks to adopt the best practices available. Charity in Place of Souvenirs is an example of a program allowing business to invest into valuable social projects, at the same time alerting all partners to such an opportunity. This helps to involve more companies in the charity movement, thus extending our help to more and more parents and children; thus the help provided by the business starts resulting in real improvement of the society welfare. CRT Service diverts funds towards treatment and social adaptation of orphaned children and the disabled. For us it is not about offering a donation to those in need. It is important to create for them all the opportunities they need for successful self-fulfillment and happy integration into society," says Irina Semenova, CRT Service Vice President for Marketing.

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