15 august 2012
CRT Service licensed to provide telematic communications services
CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, has become a licensed provider of telematic communications services in St. Petersburg.

The wide spreading of information and telecommunication services across the various industries of the economy has remodeled the IT infrastructure landscape. Today the telematic solutions have penetrated all areas of business and everyday life. Telematic services allow to monitor and remotely manage various facilities. Telematic systems are used to track vehicles carrying hazardous materials, monitor passenger traffic, control the manpower and resources of the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Emergencies, manage agricultural, forest, oil and gas, production facilities, housing and public utilities. This synergy of communication capabilities helps to effectively accommodate various applications. For example, it won’t be possible to improve public safety, availability of high quality education or medical care services other than through the use of the latest telematic solutions.

CRT Service's telematic communications service provider license will allow the MAYKOR Group to expand its portfolio of remote facility management and monitoring solutions available to various industries. Besides, the license will enable MAYKOR Group to offer maintenance programs for IT and telecom infrastructures, including telematic systems.

About Telematic services

Telematic services are services provided through the use of electrical communication networks, including electronic and voice messaging, audio and video conferencing, fax messaging, etc., except telephony, telegraphy and data communication services. Unlike data communication services, the telematic services include processing and storage of user data.
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