5 september 2011
CRT Service receives a Rostest compliance certificate for servicing, installation and maintenance of electronics and IT equipment

CRT Service, a part of the MAYKOR Group, has received a Rostest-Moscow compliance certificate. The documents confirms that the works performed by CRT Service, namely servicing, installation and maintenance of electronics and IT equipment, satisfy all regulatory requirements.

The certificate states that CRT Service performs maintenance and servicing of fax machines, telephones, copy machines, PCs, periphery devices and local computer networks in compliance with GOST R certification system of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. The certificate also entitles CRT Service engineers to perform servicing of TV, audio systems, laser players, satellite receivers and navigation equipment.

The compliance certificate received by CRT Service will allow the company to expand its service range and guarantees its clients high quality GOST-compliant service.

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