24 october 2011
CRT Service to ensure operation of automated postal centers throughout Russia

CRT Service, Russia's largest high-tech service company and part of the MAYKOR Group, has signed a contract for maintenance of Logibox automated postal centers.

As part of the agreement, CRT Service will provide a comprehensive range of services related to installation, start-up, commissioning and maintenance of Logibox automated postal centers (APC), as part of an innovative project for automated collection and delivery of parcels and small packages via automated stations – automated postal centers.

The decision in favor of CRT Service as a service provider for the automated postal center project was made based on a closed bidding. The choice made by Logibox bidding committee was mainly due to the fact that CRT Service was the only company in Russia possessing the resources and technologies necessary to provide country-wide integrated maintenance service. CRT Service has a track record of servicing all sorts of equipment (cash register equipment, payment terminals, office equipment, etc.), which allows it to offer its engineering competences in the case with such innovative equipment as automated postal centers.

Logibox automated postal centers are fully automatic mail collection and delivery stations, integrated into a unified information system. The machines are installed in high pedestrian traffic locations, such as railway stations or shopping malls, enabling users to collect their mail at any convenient time or place, regardless of the business hours of courier services or conventional post offices. The service has already won popularity in Europe. In Russia the service is currently available to Internet buyers, who mark their orders to be delivered to a Logibox APC.

Today the federal network of Logibox automated postal centers has 27 stations in Central, North-Western, Privolzhsky and Southern federal districts. More APCs are scheduled to appear in the larger cities of the Urals and Siberia. CRT Service engineers provide APC maintenance service in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don. Given Logibox network growth, around 100 automated postal centers in Russia will be covered with service before the end of 2011.

"Logibox APCs is a breakthrough in parcel collection and delivery technology, or “last mile” automation. We a building in Russia a brand new system designed to ship and collect letters and parcels for convenience of hundreds of thousands of users. Logibox begins cooperation with CRT Service to get access to integrated APC maintenance service across the Russian Federation. Quality of service at all its stages is a cornerstone of our business. Currently we do all we can to associate the phrase “Logibox automated postal center” with top quality, top class innovative service in the minds of Russian consumers. A European class service, one offering absolute comfort. Therefore, in our choice we were guided by our interest in a partner able to provide high quality installation, commissioning and maintenance service at any location we need," says Dmitry Kurov, General Director of CJSC Pochtomat.

"The business and consumer automated equipment market is currently developing at such a pace that companies that chose to install specialized equipment often face the issue of follow-up maintenance of their innovative infrastructure. We at CRT Service seek to anticipate our clients' needs, involved in constant study of new technologies and accumulating the necessary engineering competences. We do that to enable companies to get the very most out of their infrastructure, taken good care of by a professional maintenance service provider. Our geographically distributed engineering competences with nationwide coverage make us a reliable service partner of Logibox automated postal centers network," says Alexander Kotov, CRT Service Vice President for Key Account Management.

About  Logibox

Logibox   a federal network of automated stations for collection and delivery of letters and parcels. One of Logibox's specializations lies in automation of the “last mile” process – delivery of Internet and catalogue store purchases to end buyers. The parcels are collected from fully automatic stations – the automated postal centers (APC). 

The automated parcel collection/delivery service has already become a popular modern alternative to traditional postal and courier services in Western Europe, Turkey, UAE. Logibox APCs are installed at railway stations and large shopping malls. Free use of one's time, no queues, no waiting for couriers, high availability of automated postal centers, installed near subway stations, at shopping malls or large railway stations, collection open on 24/7/365 basis – all these advantages are now available to Russian buyers. 

Improved loyalty of Internet and distant shop buyers, considerably lower intra- and inter-city logistics costs, no “last mile” headaches, an opportunity to offer clients an innovative way of parcel collection – Logibox offers these and other opportunities to its corporate partners with the help of its modern automated pack stations.

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