16 december 2008
Cutting edge technologies at work: GMCS automated human resource management at PeterStar
GMCS announces that the project of creating an automated human resource management system at PeterStar, one of the leaders of the communications market of the North-West Region, is complete. 

The HRM system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik solution was implemented in headquarters and branches of the service provider. The project is part of the comprehensive automation of enterprise resource management at PeterStar being carried out by GMCS.

As part of the implemented project GMCS consultants automated personnel records and payroll calculation processes, as well as the processes of training, assessing and developing personnel. Using the experience it accumulated in automating human resource management in large telecommunications companies, the GMCS team modified standard BOSS-Kadrovik functionality with account of the specific nature of personnel records at the service provider. The new system fully considers the particularities of working conditions and wage payments that exist in each geographically remote branch of the company.

In order to speed up implementation of the HRM-system, during the first stage GMCS sel ected an unconventional method of simultaneously implementing personnel records and payroll calculation. GMCS consultants ensured the transfer of data, including the data stored in personal accounts of employees, fr om the previous personnel management system used at PeterStar to BOSS-Kadrovik. As a result PeterStar accountants were able to carry out test payroll calculations in the new system already during implementation, and as of January 2008 – transition to BOSS-Kadrovik completely. Moreover, GMCS set up a mechanism of downloading accounting entries, which nowadays automatically proceed to the PeterStar accounting system, also previously implemented by GMCS based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, immediately after payroll calculation. As a result document flow between the Human Resources Department and the Accounting Department at PeterStar was significantly simplified.

During the project GMCS automated the process of collecting data on bonus payments to employees, thus allowing to completely eliminate paperwork in this area, simplify the procedure of approving bonus payments and exclude errors in manual data entry to the payroll calculation module. GMCS consultants also introduced the possibility of registering contract agreements and acts of rendered services in the system, as well as automatically calculating payments for freelance employees.

During the second stage, the GMCS team automated the system of personnel training and assessing processes at PeterStar. The following tasks were solved: planning personnel training, including application formation and registration, as well as training budgets for each division; registering the course of training and its completion, including formation of necessary reporting. In compliance with current PeterStar needs, GMCS set up and upgraded the personnel assessment and development module in the system. Thanks to this the company’s management now has the possibility to carry out personnel assessment, analyze obtained data and use it when making decisions on new personnel appointments.

At the moment the unified human resources management policy at PeterStar is launched into pilot operation. GMCS specialists conduct technical support of the implemented solution.

"In current conditions employees are one of the key resources of an enterprise, which is why the functions of modern HR Departments can’t just be limited to personnel records and payroll calculation, personnel assessment and development issues become increasingly important," says Elena Dunayeva, Head of the Human Resources Department at PeterStar. "The system we implemented together with GMCS consultants contains the necessary set of tools needed to efficiently solve both routine and strategic human resource management tasks."

"The project for establishing a full-featured HRM system was an important step in constructing an enterprise management system at PeterStar," notes Oleg Kotov, Head of the Automated Human Resource Management Systems Department at GMCS. "Functionalities of the system ensure collection and processing of personnel data, as well as entirety and centralized storage of information. The upgrades that our consultants conducted significantly simplify interaction of the head office and the branches, allowing the company to implement a single personnel policy."

About PeterStar

PeterStar is one of the leaders of the North-Western telecommunications market and specializes in providing telephony, Internet and data transfer services. The company services over 100 thousand connections and covers around 60% of the business telephony market among alternative service providers. PeterStar has branches in Moscow, Murmansk, Velikiy Novgorod, Pskov, Kaliningrad, Petrozavodsk and Vyborg, wh ere it provides communication services based on modern digital technologies.
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