2 june 2009
EAM solution by GMCS
GMCS announces that Microsoft corporation has registered the GMCS EAM solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows to efficiently manage equipment repair and technical maintenance. 

GMCS EAM is designed to automate the full range of works on maintaining reference data, planning, execution control, cost accounting of technical maintenance and repair of equipment, machinery, buildings and facilities at the enterprise. Its application allows to optimize expenditures for the purchase of materials and equipment, arrange the approach towards the organization and execution of repair works, increase accuracy of inventory and equipment control, increase the working lifespan and improve the reliability of equipment being used, and as a result decrease the probability of manufacturing risks occurring.

In order to make the work of EAM specialists easier, GMCS EAM incorporates the possibility of keeping an electronic defect log, forming schedules for technical maintenance and repair of equipment with account of its operation time, task lists and cost sheets by work type that reflect the set of operations, necessary spare parts, production supplies and tools. The special mechanism of using cost coefficients allows to perform long-term planning of repair works with account of inflation corrections.

The solution covers business processes from day-to-day status control and up to production asset reconstruction projects execution, which is particularly important for enterprises with complex production assets. The tools contained in the solution ensure rating of the enterprises production asses according to several flexibly configurable classifiers (equipment models, industry standards etc). for each equipment unit historical data on operational particularities, known defects, conducted repairs and technical maintenance measures is stored, which can subsequently be used for statistical analysis.

The solution is fully integrated with financial modules, the flexible system of configuring reconciliation of financial analytics allows to automatically form financial results based on equipment repair and maintenance operations. In particular, there is a functionality for the calculation of the net cost of works conducted by the enterprise's repair personnel based on data on the expenditures of the repair division.

GMCS EAM is currently being used by Surgut SDPP-2, Shatura SDPP, Smolensk SDPP and Yayvinskaya SDPP, which are part of OGK-4.

"The GMCS EAM solution absorbed the best practice and the developments of GMCS consultants in constructing and automating EAM processes for the fuel and power industry," says Oleg Lysov, Head of the Microsoft Solutions Department at GMCS.

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