30 september 2011
ENERGOAUDITCONTROL is building an ERP-System
GMCS and the Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL announce the beginning of the project for creating an automated plant management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Performing the functions of an EPC-contractor, the Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL is managing large-scale projects in the energy industry and develops and implements a "turnkey" accounting system, develops and implements electric power efficiency improvement programmes. The largest Russian companies, including plants in the area of transport, gas and oil processing industries, retail supplier and network companies on the federal level, industrial plants, large-scale developers, managing companies in the area of housing services and utilities are the customers of the Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL.

The implemented system is intended to enhance the efficiency of management of complicated projects executed by the Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL throughout their life cycle and provides comprehensive automation of industrial processes. The information system will comprise the company's headquarters in Moscow and detached structural subdivisions located in Russia's largest cities.

Taking into account the specifics of a project-oriented company within the framework of the uniform information space, we will automate project, finances, commodity stocks and supplies (CSS), project service maintenance, manufacture and accounting of technical documentation processes. According to Dmitry Zelenov, Deputy Director General of the Organisational Development of Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL,"each project of ours is unique from the viewpoint of technical parameters, the complexity of execution and geographical scale. By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, we will receive an integrated instrument for project management throughout the entire life cycle, from planning to commissioning and further service maintenance of our systems. An important result will be the efficiency enhancement of managerial solutions due to obtaining complete and up-to-date information about the current condition of the projects."

The selection of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 as a uniform automation tool is caused by the most beneficial "price/quality" rate as compared to the solutions of other suppliers. Based on the results of the conducted contest, GMCS with the experience of implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in project-oriented companies has become another.

The information system is being built on a stage-by-stage basis. It is planned that the start-up and commissioning of the first stage of the project will take place in the first quarter of 2012. By this time, the specialists of the Engineering Centre will have received the tools for planning and controlling projects, calculations with customers, suppliers and contractors, and managing the flows of commodity stocks and supplies (logistics, stock bookkeeping).

"The project for the Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL is characterized by the immensity of set tasks. Stage one is dedicated to the automation of primary management processes; the performance of strategic functions is planned in the long term, as well as the adjustment of BI-records," comments Alexey Zaitsev, Director for Development, Department of Microsoft GMCS products. "If required, the deployment of the system functional will be accompanied with other software products integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, integrated in one complex."


Engineering Centre ENERGOAUDITCONTROL, incorporated in 2003, is Russia's leading integrator of cutting-edge power resources systems. The company is developing and implementing automated ‘turnkey’ registration systems, conducts IT projects, develops and executes comprehensive energy-saving and power efficiency enhancement programmes. In addition, the company is performing a mandatory metrological documentation expertise at the automated system and complexes of accounting and registration of electric power, as well as heat and water consumption.

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